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Travel and Tourism is the largest industry in the world with immense opportunities for purpose driven entrepreneurs.  The industry has proven resilient with consistent growth despite the economic downturn and continues to hold a lot of promise in the future.

With some research, you can identify niches in the industry with enormous potential to grow within the outdoor economy. There has been incredible growth in niches such as ecotourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism and outdoor adventure.  Many ventures have started out as simple ideas and have grown into huge enterprises.

With a little creativity, purpose driven entrepreneurs can tap into the giant travel and tourism industry and find ways to use natural resources to generate income for the local people while protecting the plants and wildlife and educate the world about their importance.

At the same time, travel and tourism can be destructive and/or constructive.  Entrepreneurs need to take into consideration their impacts on  the environment, the indigenous people and the preservation of local heritage and culture pursuing their ideas.

Working with local people who have been marginalized through out history can be challenging.  One must have patience and take time to see things from their point of view.

Research is a key component of any successful venture.  Take time to study the the following reports and links to identify the growth trends, opportunities, and potential threats of starting a venture in travel and tourism.


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