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In the summer of 2012, the local PBS station where I live (SCETV), approached me to do a show for their “Big Picture”  series.  I suggested the concept of the Outdoor Economy.  Producer Patrick Hayes took the idea and ran with it. We pulled together some excellent people to give a snapshot of some of the outdoor economy in South Carolina.

The show just barely touched on a couple of points.  The outdoor economy is much bigger than even I realized!  That is what inspired me to continue to run with the concept and be a voice to further educate the public of the great economic potential of our natural resources when handled in a conscientious way.

It occurred to me that many places around the world could benefit from the outdoor economy if they knew how to take advantage of it responsibly.  Most people are unaware of the treasures they have naturally.

Often it will take a group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to see the real value in the natural resources around them and move their communities towards real prosperity while helping to protect and preserve.  In doing so, the whole world will benefit.

Conservation efforts are doomed if they do not also take into account the prosperity of the people.  The outdoor economy can bring a balance to both.

This website was designed to help provide resources to purpose-driven entrepreneurs around the world to build an ethical outdoor economy while conserving natural resources.

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