Outdoor Economy


Revealing the overlooked potential of natural and cultural resources.

There is tremendous opportunity to increase prosperity and improve quality of life while ensuring long-term conservation of natural resources.

This website is a resource to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, landowners, communities, businesses, educators and policy makers have a better understanding of how to use their natural and cultural resources responsibly to benefit the economy, improve education, and inspire scientific advancement.

Although there are a multitude of social and economic benefits that can be derived from natural and cultural resources and numerous opportunities in the outdoor economy, for the sake of simplicity this site is focused on three areas:

Outdoor recreation and tourism
Innovation in education
Scientific discovery

Who can benefit from this information?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business in the outdoor economy that is both prosperous and responsible
  • Outdoor professionals looking for more information on trends and growth opportunities as well as insider tips and networking opportunities from others in their field
  • Administrators and managers of parks, nature centers, and outdoor recreation centers looking for ways to increase funding, effectiveness, and reach
  • Landowner looking to diversify their income while preserving their land
  • Formal and informal educators looking for innovative techniques for improving academics and practical skills
  • Community leaders or policy maker looking to increase economic growth and improve  quality of life
  • Conservation groups and concerned citizens looking to strengthen the case for conservation
  • Educator or Parent looking to raise healthy, creative children that are prepared to face the challenges of the world
  • Tourism or marketing professional looking for resources and conscience growth opportunities
  • Business and non-profit professionals looking to improve their edge while moving their company to be more socially and environmentally responsible
  • Investors  looking to promote meaningful business development
  • Curious citizens looking to improve their education and understanding of the outdoor economy

What will you find?:

  1. Research backed information that gives an overview of the outdoor economy
  2. Entrepreneur resources  and reports that reveal trends that help to identify high-growth sectors with the greatest potential and methods for attracting your ideal client
  3. Guides on how to get started in the outdoor economy and avoid common mistakes
  4. Information on how to grow successful ventures that preserve biodiversity
  5. Examples of Successful ventures and expert advice from those running them
  6. Networking and information sharing opportunities to help with best practices and results
  7. Education tools and resources as well links to respected authorities on inspiring outdoor projects
  8. Fascinating research and breakthroughs that have led to commercial success following the genius of natural design
  9. and more…

How this site is organized and how to use it?

This site has a list of resource pages and blog posts related to the above topics.

The resource pages have relevant information and links to top supporting web pages and reports.

The Blog posts have additional information, tips, and expert advice from others in the field.

Use the search query at the top of the page to type in keywords that you are interested in for a list of related pages and posts.

Run your cursor across the menu at the top of the home page and browse the drop-down options to find resource pages on the topics you are interested in.

Leave a comment on the pages to let us know what you would like to see included and how to improve your experience. Use the social media icons on the top of the page to “like” your favorite posts and share them with others that might find them helpful.

You can navigate the categories for resource pages and blog posts from the menus on the lower right as well.

I hope this website is useful to you.

Your comments will help to make it better.

Thank you for visiting!


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  1. Looking good, Ian. Keep up the good work, my friend.

  2. Sabrina

    This is well organized.
    May I suggest that you make words that refer to places on your web site into ‘hot keys’ so we can go directly to what you are talking about if we chose

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