Outdoor Economy

Hidden Treasure in Nature: Overlooked Renewable Resource

I was thinking back to the many gifts that the natural areas around where I grew up had given me. Wonderful memories hiking with my father and family in the Angeles Crest Forest, playing in the rivers and canyons
behind the city where I lived, camping and body surfing at the beach, and just playing in the empty lot behind my house.

Looking back, it was hard realize the value of those things.

I lived near the foothills of the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

The hills gave me education.  I learned more about leadership, perseverance,
friendship, natural processes, physical education, and other subjects than I ever did at school. My brothers and sisters grew up basically healthy and strong.

We never wanted to go back inside.

As I look around today, now that we see so many youth growing up indoors,
plugged in, and away from the natural world, I wonder what the price
will be?

I worked at a summercamp up in the Seqouia National Forest for a couple years and developed a love for teaching outdoor skills.  I was sold on being an educator when I worked with young people who struggled with coordination. We would work together for hours until suddenly a light would go on and they were able to do something they thought was completely out of the reach

of their abilities such as sail across the lake by themselves or do a canoe stroke correctly.  This was a thrill for me and a confidence builder for them.

The stories in the forest are a hidden revenue generator!

Taking what I learned from the natural curiosity for nature and history and
sharing it with others has provided my family and I with a nice home, education and a healthy lifestyle.

This all came from the overlooked renewable treasures hidden within the
natural resources and the people.

There was no need for back hoes, chain saws, or giant drilling machines.

The real treasure was hidden within the stories of the plants, animals, and people.

These stories had much more value than any of the other things that could
potentially be extracted.

These treasures are abundant and available for everyone to use.

The first steps to begin to harvest can also be done by simply developing a genuine curiosity and willingness to study and learn about the world around you.

Then develop the skills to market and present the stories to a hungry
market that will happily consume all the information you produce and
encourage all their curious nature lovers to dine as well.

There are specific techniques for doing this that can be learned.

In the following posts we will discuss the top strategies used by
most experienced interpreters and direct you to where to find out

The Secret to Lasting Wealth

Those that understand nature, and the way it works
understand that they can achieve more wealth by
making others wealthier.

Henry Ford realized this when he began to increase
the pay of his employees.  He realized, that if he
payed them more, they would have more money to buy things
with.  The healthier they were, the happier and more
productive they would be.

When people feel like they are a part of a larger system,
they tend to want to work and protect that system.

They tend to care more about going to work and
being more productive and being more a part of a
larger community.  They do not see themselves
as being left out.

Conversely, when they feel like they are being used
and taken advantage of for the benefit of
a few, they begin to feel resentful, and angry,
and less motivated and produce less.

They take less pride in their work and do not
work any more.

It is to the interest of the business owners and
the entrepreneurs to learn the skills of creating
productive businesses that create long-term
wealth for themselves, their employees, and their community.

Deciding from the start what kind of culture
you wish to create in your organization.  It will help
guide you as you move forward.

Often, your people will be your best assets.
Choose them wisely and take care of them.

People Don’t Want Money: Lessons for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

In reality, people seem to want the same things.  We may
be different races, religions, and have different ideologies but  at the same time everyone seems to want to have
better health, security, financial freedom, and feeling of
importance for themselves and their families.

I have found, that people don’t want money.  Money in itself
is just printed pieces of colorful paper, stamped metals,
or numbers on a balance sheet.

What people want, is the security, health, freedom, and feeling
of importance they get from their money.  This is true for the
material things that people buy with money as well.

Any effort at conservation will ultimately fail if it does not
include the well being of the people that live in the environment.

People need to be shown the true value of conservation as a means
to financial and social wealth, otherwise they will always
see conservation and economic development falsely pitted against one another
instead of the truth of being complimentary to one another.

It is in the best interest of everyone to understand the value of their
natural resources, from nature enthusiasts who just
want to enjoy the outdoors to the businessmen and
landowners who want to maximize their profits.

Once they understand the value,
then they should be shown step by step processes and
examples of how wealth can be obtained from their natural
resources while minimizing harm so they can continue
to provide prosperity for future generations.

There are a lot of successful businesses out there that
have taken a long-term approach to providing financial
and social well being for others as well as for themselves.

They also see themselves as part of a larger system.

There is a growing number of awakened consumers who are
basing their buying decisions on the companies, products,
and services that operate in a responsible way that
will benefit the economy, people, and the environment.

Making a move towards responsible entrepreneurship
is not only righteous, but also profitable.

Ignoring this fact is short sighted.

Lessons on how  to create lasting wealth are available
for those who care to pay attention.

Nature has been creating wealth for eons.


There are Numerous Opportunities for the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

The outdoor economy offers numerous opportunities for purpose driven entrepreneurs. 

The focus of this website is to look at opportunities within the following three areas:
 exploration, education, and scientific innovation.

Exploration: includes  travel and tourism, outdoor recreation, adventure sports, and other outdoor activities.  There are opportunities not only in these activities, but also in supplying the gear and accessories for them.  It also includes exploration of culture and history.

Education: has to do with environmental education and experiential learning opportunities.  We will also explore the growing trends of education travel and outdoor leadership development. Three are also opportunities for existing businesses to add a

Scientific Innovation: has to do with taking what we learn from nature and history and creating products and systems to solve human problems.  This may also include looking into the field now commonly referred to as biomimicry.

 These areas were chosen because I have some background or interest in each of them.  Since each of these topics are too broad to write any focused articles on individually, they will be broken down even further. 

For the next several months, I intend to concentrate on travel and tourism trends and narrow in on the outdoor recreation industry.  The plan is to aggregate information that will give an overview of industry trends and help purposeful entrepreneurs identify niches. Then provide tools and insight to make them more successful.

I have spent a lot of time researching over the last several months and have identified some pretty exciting information that could be very helpful for those that are just starting in the field or looking to expand their existing businesses.

Over the next several months I will be posting information that I hope will be useful.  Please comment on topics that you would like to learn more about. 
The ultimate goal is to collect specific information on topics that are important to the industry.

5 Trail Markers For Outdoor Entrepreneurs on the Path to Success

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs can be the key that will allow people to reap some of the hidden benefits of the outdoor economy.

It is important to create pathways for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into responsible enterprises.

Here are some of the top entrepreneur trail markers that can lead to success in the outdoor economy:

Know yourself and follow your passion
The first step is to do some soul searching and inward research.  Develop your core values.  Understand what gets you excited. One of the keys to success in any venture is to follow your heart. This will be your guiding lamp to take you through an often ominous and confusing forest of business building.  Time spent getting to know your strengths and weaknesses will be time well spent.  The most successful entrepreneurs passionately pursue ventures that are aligned with their core values.

Know your industry and identify opportunities
Study the outdoor industry and find the right opportunity for you. Use your core value system to help guide your decisions.  There are endless possibilities in the outdoor economy.  It is important to know which ones have the greatest potential for success.

Make a plan and model success
A business plan is an essential part of mapping your success.  It is not necessarily the plan, but the process of thinking through every step of your business that will help you discover what you need. Make a simple plan at first and be ready to adjust it as you go. Once you have decided on what business you will pursue, look for others who have already thriving.  Chances are, they have been where you are.  Even businesses that seem unrelated can teach you lessons on how to proceed.  One of the best ways to best ways to achieve greatness is to emulate it.

Capitalize on your strengths and cultivate your advantage
While you emulate success, be sure that you are still able to be unique.  Find your unique capabilities and begin to differentiate yourself in the market.  You must give people a reason to choose you over every other option available to them.  Be the best at something, rather than trying to do everything.  Entrepreneurs that chase every opportunity that comes their way often find themselves spread out and not able to do anything particularly well. You will find it easier to communicate your uniqueness if you specialize in the beginning.

Build a winning  team
Surround yourself with people you can trust that bring skills and resources that you lack.  One of your greatest skills will be the ability to attract the right people and to delegate.  Understand that you can multiply your effectiveness with the people you surround yourself with.

Create systems
Learn what works and create systems that will help you automate.  Write them down, and follow these systems. Be ready to revise the systems and make them better.  These systems will be the map that will run your business.  It will help you to grow more effectively.  It will help others to understand what they need to do in order to help you along. Your systems can help save you time and money later as you move forward.

These are only a few things that will help you develop your outdoor business.

Comment below on other important trail markers to guide the purpose-driven entrepreneur in the outdoor economy.

There are so many opportunities in the outdoor economy.  It will be important to decide which one resonates with you and is aligned with your core values.  In future posts we will discuss some of the opportunities and more winning strategies.