Outdoor Economy

There are Numerous Opportunities for the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

The outdoor economy offers numerous opportunities for purpose driven entrepreneurs. 

The focus of this website is to look at opportunities within the following three areas:
 exploration, education, and scientific innovation.

Exploration: includes  travel and tourism, outdoor recreation, adventure sports, and other outdoor activities.  There are opportunities not only in these activities, but also in supplying the gear and accessories for them.  It also includes exploration of culture and history.

Education: has to do with environmental education and experiential learning opportunities.  We will also explore the growing trends of education travel and outdoor leadership development. Three are also opportunities for existing businesses to add a

Scientific Innovation: has to do with taking what we learn from nature and history and creating products and systems to solve human problems.  This may also include looking into the field now commonly referred to as biomimicry.

 These areas were chosen because I have some background or interest in each of them.  Since each of these topics are too broad to write any focused articles on individually, they will be broken down even further. 

For the next several months, I intend to concentrate on travel and tourism trends and narrow in on the outdoor recreation industry.  The plan is to aggregate information that will give an overview of industry trends and help purposeful entrepreneurs identify niches. Then provide tools and insight to make them more successful.

I have spent a lot of time researching over the last several months and have identified some pretty exciting information that could be very helpful for those that are just starting in the field or looking to expand their existing businesses.

Over the next several months I will be posting information that I hope will be useful.  Please comment on topics that you would like to learn more about. 
The ultimate goal is to collect specific information on topics that are important to the industry.

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