Outdoor Economy

The Secret to Lasting Wealth

Those that understand nature, and the way it works
understand that they can achieve more wealth by
making others wealthier.

Henry Ford realized this when he began to increase
the pay of his employees.  He realized, that if he
payed them more, they would have more money to buy things
with.  The healthier they were, the happier and more
productive they would be.

When people feel like they are a part of a larger system,
they tend to want to work and protect that system.

They tend to care more about going to work and
being more productive and being more a part of a
larger community.  They do not see themselves
as being left out.

Conversely, when they feel like they are being used
and taken advantage of for the benefit of
a few, they begin to feel resentful, and angry,
and less motivated and produce less.

They take less pride in their work and do not
work any more.

It is to the interest of the business owners and
the entrepreneurs to learn the skills of creating
productive businesses that create long-term
wealth for themselves, their employees, and their community.

Deciding from the start what kind of culture
you wish to create in your organization.  It will help
guide you as you move forward.

Often, your people will be your best assets.
Choose them wisely and take care of them.