Outdoor Economy

5 Trail Markers For Outdoor Entrepreneurs on the Path to Success

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs can be the key that will allow people to reap some of the hidden benefits of the outdoor economy.

It is important to create pathways for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into responsible enterprises.

Here are some of the top entrepreneur trail markers that can lead to success in the outdoor economy:

Know yourself and follow your passion
The first step is to do some soul searching and inward research.  Develop your core values.  Understand what gets you excited. One of the keys to success in any venture is to follow your heart. This will be your guiding lamp to take you through an often ominous and confusing forest of business building.  Time spent getting to know your strengths and weaknesses will be time well spent.  The most successful entrepreneurs passionately pursue ventures that are aligned with their core values.

Know your industry and identify opportunities
Study the outdoor industry and find the right opportunity for you. Use your core value system to help guide your decisions.  There are endless possibilities in the outdoor economy.  It is important to know which ones have the greatest potential for success.

Make a plan and model success
A business plan is an essential part of mapping your success.  It is not necessarily the plan, but the process of thinking through every step of your business that will help you discover what you need. Make a simple plan at first and be ready to adjust it as you go. Once you have decided on what business you will pursue, look for others who have already thriving.  Chances are, they have been where you are.  Even businesses that seem unrelated can teach you lessons on how to proceed.  One of the best ways to best ways to achieve greatness is to emulate it.

Capitalize on your strengths and cultivate your advantage
While you emulate success, be sure that you are still able to be unique.  Find your unique capabilities and begin to differentiate yourself in the market.  You must give people a reason to choose you over every other option available to them.  Be the best at something, rather than trying to do everything.  Entrepreneurs that chase every opportunity that comes their way often find themselves spread out and not able to do anything particularly well. You will find it easier to communicate your uniqueness if you specialize in the beginning.

Build a winning  team
Surround yourself with people you can trust that bring skills and resources that you lack.  One of your greatest skills will be the ability to attract the right people and to delegate.  Understand that you can multiply your effectiveness with the people you surround yourself with.

Create systems
Learn what works and create systems that will help you automate.  Write them down, and follow these systems. Be ready to revise the systems and make them better.  These systems will be the map that will run your business.  It will help you to grow more effectively.  It will help others to understand what they need to do in order to help you along. Your systems can help save you time and money later as you move forward.

These are only a few things that will help you develop your outdoor business.

Comment below on other important trail markers to guide the purpose-driven entrepreneur in the outdoor economy.

There are so many opportunities in the outdoor economy.  It will be important to decide which one resonates with you and is aligned with your core values.  In future posts we will discuss some of the opportunities and more winning strategies.