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People Don’t Want Money: Lessons for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

In reality, people seem to want the same things.  We may
be different races, religions, and have different ideologies but  at the same time everyone seems to want to have
better health, security, financial freedom, and feeling of
importance for themselves and their families.

I have found, that people don’t want money.  Money in itself
is just printed pieces of colorful paper, stamped metals,
or numbers on a balance sheet.

What people want, is the security, health, freedom, and feeling
of importance they get from their money.  This is true for the
material things that people buy with money as well.

Any effort at conservation will ultimately fail if it does not
include the well being of the people that live in the environment.

People need to be shown the true value of conservation as a means
to financial and social wealth, otherwise they will always
see conservation and economic development falsely pitted against one another
instead of the truth of being complimentary to one another.

It is in the best interest of everyone to understand the value of their
natural resources, from nature enthusiasts who just
want to enjoy the outdoors to the businessmen and
landowners who want to maximize their profits.

Once they understand the value,
then they should be shown step by step processes and
examples of how wealth can be obtained from their natural
resources while minimizing harm so they can continue
to provide prosperity for future generations.

There are a lot of successful businesses out there that
have taken a long-term approach to providing financial
and social well being for others as well as for themselves.

They also see themselves as part of a larger system.

There is a growing number of awakened consumers who are
basing their buying decisions on the companies, products,
and services that operate in a responsible way that
will benefit the economy, people, and the environment.

Making a move towards responsible entrepreneurship
is not only righteous, but also profitable.

Ignoring this fact is short sighted.

Lessons on how  to create lasting wealth are available
for those who care to pay attention.

Nature has been creating wealth for eons.


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